Welcome to Enteletaor documentation!


Enteletaor is a message Queue & Broker Injection tool.

Project site http://github.com/cr0hn/enteletaor
Documentation http://enteletaor.readthedocs.org
Author Daniel Garcia (cr0hn) - @ggdaniel
Last Version 1.0.0
Python versions 2.7.x % 3.x

Quick project description

Enteletaor is a tool that can handle information from open brokers.

Some of the actions you can do:

  • Listing remote tasks.
  • Read remote task content.
  • Disconnect remote clients from Redis server (even the admin!)
  • Inject tasks into remote processes.
  • Make a scan to discover open brokers.

Currently supported brokers are:

  • RabbitMQ (or AMQP compatible).
  • ZeroMQ.
  • Redis.


I believe in freedom, so Enteletaor is released under BSD license.